Slow Month At SwagBucks, But $15 in FREE Amazon Gift Cards Isn’t Too Shabby

by Christy on June 2, 2010 · 0 comments

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I didn’t meet my goal in May of getting $25 in Amazon gift cards via SwagBucks each month – I only hit $15.  Granted, many rock-roll at SwagBucks to a level I just can’t quite touch, but then again, I’m pretty laid back about it. I do use it to access websites.  Instead of typing in my browser (or any site I want to visit), I type it in my SwagBucks toolbar search box (minus the dot com). I do several searches a day and have decent luck with it, but searches is about all I do… no completing offers, shopping through SwagBucks, etc. You can. And you can earn a lot more. I just don’t. I’m lazy, lol. But for my little bit of effort, I’d say I’m rewarded well…

For a little over 3 months worth of using SwagBucks as my primary search engine, I’ve earned $70 in Amazon gift cards.  That’ll come in handy toward the end of the year when Christmas shopping or getting a few extras for baby. 

Everything about SwagBucks is COMPLETELY FREE!  If you want to complete offers that do require a purchase or trial or if you use SwagBucks as your portal to do online shopping, sure you’ll pay for whatever you choose. But me? I don’t pay a dime. All free. $70 worth of freeness so far. Want to do it too? Click HERE.

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