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Whether it is for Halloween, a costume birthday party or simply to make playing pretend feel more real, there is no doubt that kids love costumes!

Dressing up as a favorite character isn’t just for Halloween, though that is typically when we have the most fun with it.

However, if your house is anything like my house, donning a costume isn’t a once-a-year thing.  Banan has one costume in particular {Spiderman!} that is showing more than its share of wear and tear because it has been wore so much.  There have been times he has worn it day after day, for hours on end.

He also has a Buzz Lightyear costume, plus bits and pieces of pretend gear for other characters, but super heroes are absolutely his favorite.  In fact, we are having a hard time organizing his costume gear.  I think when we re-do his room, I may try to figure out a better storage solution.  The plastic Buzz wings take up a tremedous amount of space, nevermind all the fire helmets and face masks and the very puffy alien costume that I’m certain hasn’t fit him in years, but he refuses to part with.

Up for the running for this year’s Halloween costume, which will then remain in his possession for the next several years, lol, is the Iron Man 2 (2010) Movie – War Machine Classic Muscle Child Costume.  Gotta love the costumes with the built-in “muscle”.  So cute.  {OK, probably not completely appropriate to call the rough character Iron Man, “cute,” but the kid all decked out in the costume certainly is!}

We are giving it a practice run.  We’ll have to see if it is the one we will put up for Halloween or if it will become the new everyday play favorite!  I’m leaning toward the former, since that would mean we are all set for Halloween, but chances are he’ll like it too much to part with it already and spend the next few months thinking Halloween will never come  Ha!


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