Need A Vacation From The Cold?

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I live in sunny Florida – it isn’t called the Sunshine State for nothing.

But even here, at certain times during the winter, the temperature drops to just below “brrrrr…”, and there are plenty of times during our winter when that ole familiar friend, the Sun, just isn’t anywhere to be seen.

It is during those colder days and weeks (let’s just say all of February!) that I long for sunny days.

I think many may plan a Hawaiin vacation during the summer – after all, what feels more summery than Hawaii?

I think such a trip would make a lot more sense during the winter, to take a break from the dreariness.

Imagine yourself here… in one of the Kauai vacation rental homes… soaking up the warmth… and enjoying this view…

… While your friends back home are layering on the clothes, and possibly shoveling snow off the driveway if you live a bit further north than I do.

Hawaii is on my short list of dream vacations.  I have visited islands in the Caribbean – and enjoyed views somewhat similar to this.  I live close enough to the beach to be fortunate to enjoy a beach day on a moment’s notice.  And our winters, while sometimes somewhat dreary, have a mixture of cold and not so cold days, so it truly isn’t so unbearable.

Yet the allure of Hawaii is still there.

One of my six-year-old son’s friend’s family was able to cross this dream vacation off their bucket list this past summer.  The pictures were just amazing (the mom has a nice camera and her photography skills were obvious as she was really able to bring out the exquisite beauty of the Hawaiian Islands.  It almost felt as if you were there, just looking through the pictures.  And the memories they made…. I’m sure those outshone the pictures by far.

I love to travel, though unfortunately my travel bucket list is something of champagne tastes on a water budget!  Not that the vacations are so terribly expensive in and of themselves, but air travel certainly is!

We visited Ireland on our honeymoon six years ago, and ever since I have been longing to go back – and this time take our boys.  I want to share with them my love of travel.  We visit New York about once every year or two, and have begun talking about exploring other states (perhaps a summer driving vacation?).  There are lots of places I want to visit and explore.

Hawaii continues to wait on that list….

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