Escaping The Chill Of Winter

by Christy on December 10, 2012 · 1 comment

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I’m going to level with you.  I live in sunny Florida where, although we do have a chill here and there, our winters are pretty mild.

I know not all of you are so lucky, and while you love the fresh fallen snow, white Christmasses, and all the beauty that goes along with it, sometimes you find yourself wishing you could just step out of the bone chilling, dreary cold.

Summer vacations are all the rage, always have been, but there’s something to be said for a winter vacation to somewhere warm and tropical.  A place where your bones can defrost and you can soak up the beautifully warm rays of the sun.

Cape Portfolios may have the perfectly unique – and WARM! – vacation you are looking for…. along the sunny beaches of South Africa and Mauritius.  I live in a mostly-sunny locale and just perusing the pictures of their vacation villas and nearby areas and beaches has me ready to pack up, hop across the Pond, and settle right into one of those pictures!

I love to travel and I am very interested in visiting new places and introducing my children to my love of travel – it is an interest that we can share as a family for years to come, even once they are adults and have their own families.  Our next international trip is already on the horizon – we plan to travel back to Ireland and take the boys along this time (little known fact: my oldest was “made in Ireland”!).  I can honelty say, before checking out this website, that I had not previously considered traveling to Africa.  However, perusing this website has shed a light on parts of Africa I had never considered.  The beauty is amazing.

Have you ever traveled to Africa?  (Or internationally for that matter?)  I’d love to hear about your trips and the places!


Post inspired by Cape Portfolios.


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