Hi.  I’m Christy, a Stay-At-Home / Work-At-Home Mommy to my active boys, Banan and Calen, and I am proud to be a firefighter’s wife to my wonderful husband, Patrick.

We love our little life in the country with our pups Halie (who doesn’t know she’s a dog… I think we were remiss in telling her!) and Rain and our cat Tink (Banan named him TinkerBell when we thought he was a she… oops!).

I enjoy being very involved at Banan’s school - volunteering in the classroom and for school functions, making theme treats for his class each week, attending all his field trips, and being active in the PTO.

Techy Family Fun

Our family uses these products:

Kindle Touch
PS3 & PS2

My Blogging Journey

I started my blogging journey 15 years ago.

Back then, there weren’t blogs as you know them now.  We were email newsletter editors – providing much the same content that blogs do now – sharing personal thoughts & sniplets of our daily lives, recipes, freebies, tips and tricks for just about everything, readers’ comments, and the list goes on.  Our subscribers were a community.

I was the editor of The Game Of Life Newsletter, on the board of & for a time president of Phoenix, an organization of email newsletter editors (think of it as a community for bloggers now, where we shared ideas and worked together), and dabbled in website creation for a time, creating a multitude of webpages much like I create blog posts now.  For a short time, I changed the newsletter to webpage based.

Fast forward to today…

Shake The Salt (the original since 2008!) is a little bit of all the things I love and am about. I am a social media mom, but more than a mom and a lot of the time I can be pretty random, so you will find a mix of everything here!

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