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If you are anything like me, you are up for a deal whenever you can get one.

Especially if it is on something you really need to purchase anyway.

With the holiday party season pretty much upon us, I wanted to share a site I’ve recently come across.

DressFirst has weekly deals that might be worth checking out if you are going to be finding yourself in need of party wear, gowns, etc for the season.  Go ahead and shine and save a little (or maybe a lot by the looks of some cute shoes I just saw over there for 85% off!) while you are at it.

But can I honestly tell you – the thought of the holidays so quickly approaching kind of have me just a little bit freaked out.

And by a little…. yeah, I mean a lot.

It is pretty much mid-November, already.

Consider this your Public Service Announcement.

Hopefully you aren’t freaking out as much upon realizing that as I am. 

I graciously accepted that October was over, and no sooner than I did that, suddenly November is trying to be over already, too.

Not cool.

I have Christmas shopping, Christmas Gift Guide blogging, Christmas treat making, and … well, you get the idea…. still to do.  Because other than the Christmas Gift Guide, I haven’t really started on any of it.  Or the planning of it.

And this doesn’t take into consideration THANKSGIVING.

A whole, pretty-big-deal-of-a-holiday-on-its-own, holiday.

I am seriously afraid to blink for fear it will suddenly be December!

Have you started your Christmas shopping and preparations yet?

Is the whole festiveness and importance of Thanksgiving seeming to slip through the cracks (I’m trying hard for it not to!)?


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“Tis The Season

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‘Tis the Season for Holiday Madnesss….

Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Get your costumes, turkey & tree….

Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Right about the time you start seeing the Halloween decorations appearing here and there, Christmas decorations, like Christmas lights, etc, sneak right in on the next aisle over.

At the same time as Halloween decorations.

When we weren’t looking.

That’s just insane.

And we are just going to call that the subtle introduction.

Because after Halloween?

Oh, it is on.

Like a rollercoaster at full speed.

In about 5 minutes, it”l be January and we will be wondering where the previous few months went to.

It does seem, in some ways, that Thanksgiving gets rushed over.  I’ve been to a few places looking for Thanksgiving decor (some misc stuff and some cute bulletin board type items), and so far have had zero luck.


That is out in spades.

I usually pick up a lot of holiday items at Dollar Tree – stuff to do bulletin boards (I do our school’s PTO bulletin board each month & I like to pick up things to help decorate my son’s classroom for each holiday), trinket toys for the kids’ goodie bags, etc.

But for Thanksgiving?

They’ve let me down.

I’m really not happy about that, so I am still on the hunt for cute turkey decor.

In the meantime, I need to start my shopping for Christmas bulletin boards, Christmas treat bags, Christmas snacks (I like to do a weekly treat for the kiddos in Banan’s class), etc.

Last year, I took Banan into Dollar Tree (I might be slightly obsessed with that place) and let him pick out 1 item for each friend in his class.

For a $1 item, it caused a lot of excitement when his friends opened their presents.  Mainly because he really considered what each friend would most like, so the gifts fit them. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to make kids feel special.  I think that is a little tradition we’ll continue through the elementary school years.

I have started my Christmas Gift Guide over on Mile A Minute Mama, and will be working on that throughout November and probably the early part of December.  Need Christmas gift ideas or want to enter giveaways to WIN Christmas presents?  Come check it out!

But at the moment, I need to go a turkey hunt.  For paper ones, not the real thing.  I’ll hunt the real thing down in my grocer’s freezer later.


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